Promise I won't forgetcha!

Sooo, one thing I can tell you about the Visa process - when you return to pick up your Visa, do NOT forget the receipt they supplied you when you left. It IS possible to leave with your Visa if you don't have the receipt, but I promise you it is NOT worth the battle. And I know, because I forgot mine. I simply had to mail it in later, but they were none too nice about it.

So with my plane ticket and Visa in hand, my preparations for Japan are complete. All that's left, is packing. Everyday, something new comes to mind that I will need. I've said it many times, I don't think I'll ever be fully ready for this trip. I leave in just 2 weeks, and once I'm gone, there's really no turning back. I don't have much to say right now. My August is pretty busy. Last weekend was my going away party. Good food, fun with friends, hangout time with the family, tons of fun. This past weekend was Otkaon, that kind of speaks for itself. Posted a bunch of facebook picture of that. This weekend is Katie's going away party. I'm heading there early to help her cook and make sushi, then we're going to IBIZA for some dancing. Our final latenight fling, if you will. The following weekend, I'll be picking up a student who will be studying at Towson from the airport, and spending the day showing him around Towson and taking him shopping for some things he may need for his dorm. Then, just 3 days later, I'm off. *sigh* God, help me.Hey! It's me as Trucy Wright. 成歩堂 みぬき!

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K*M*B said...

OMG!!!! BATMAN! they talk about Batman in my Japanese book! I was SOOO excited when i saw that! I was like oh my gosh! awesome!