Couldn't wait to leave, but now I hate to go

Soo, yesterday I picked up the TIU student who is spending a year at Towson. We've been talking on facebook for a bit, and I'm glad we have been. I don't know how well I did, but I tried to get him settled in, make sure he knew where everything was, and meet some friends until other people get on campus.
Picked him up from BWI, took him to Towson to check in, but after realizing he had like NOTHING for his dorm yet, we had him stay at our place. After pizza, beer and video games, we passed out for some early shopping. Hit up Walmart for essentials, then off to the mall to walk around a bit, then walked around campus for a VERY QUICK tour of the camps. He says Towson is 10+ times bigger than TIU campus, so I hope he gets around well. I had him meet Bob and Sarah, and I think as long as both sides try, they could become really good friends. I know they'll take good care of him, like they did with me over the years. Though, I feel kinda bad, cuz I kinda forced both parties into the relationship...cuz I'm a horrible person. Haha, I worry too much. Sadly, after getting his phone set up and his room a bit organized (meaning, getting the bed set up so he can crash) I had to leave him. I'm really glad we met. He's a great person, and I hope he'll remember me when he returns to Japan so we can maybe meet up again sometime in the future. After all was said and done, I returned home to go shopping with mom for some other essentials. My trip is just 3 days away. Tomorrow, I head to Hershey Park with my mom, a friend of her's, her son, and SARAH. From there, it's a day of errands and packing, HOPEFULLY a hair cut...and without sleep, I'll head to the airport at 4am. After seeing Mitsuru handle America, I feel like I may be able to do this...maybe.

Mom, Sarah, Bob, Laura, Katie -- What am I going to do without you guys?!

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