Losing all control

I have just under 6 days remaining in this country. I've finally begun packing, and it all became too real. I'm taking a break to watch some stupid movie with my brother, because well, it may be the last time in a LONG time we'll be able to do this. From here, I can see the gifts for my family, let's see what I got: Godiva hot chocolate mix, Tea bags (assorted: raspberry and cherry blossom etc) in a pretty little bag from Washington DC, glass coasters with cherry blossoms and 'washington dc' on it, Old bay crab cake kits, Old Bay seasoning, Seasonall, and saltwater taffy.

I still feel like there's SOOOO much to do, but it's really just a bunch of little things. Planning for a semester abroad seems easy, but planning for a year seems near impossible. I plan to have my parents send me stuff over the year, but whether they use my money or their own, I imagine it would get pretty pricey. But then again, winter clothes are so heavy and big, they take up too much space in the suitcase and weight too much. I'm thinking of just buying a coat and carrying it with me onto the plane...idunno, there's too much to think about. For now, I shall get to my dentist.

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