Another day, Another Update ^^

Wow, 2 updates 2 days in a row. I'm on a roll! I’m trying to figure out if today could have been better. I can think of a couple things, but that’s neither here nor there. Soo, I had the last of my Japanese midterm today. I know I passed, but I THINK I got an A. We’ll see. We had ANOTHER oral, can you believe that?! I could believe it, if I had looked at the study guide, but alas…anyway, the only part I was COMPLETELY clueless on was the transitive and intransitive verbs. Which was a VERY small part on the written exam, but was about half of the oral, sooo, oops. After that, I got some delicious Indian curry. We even got free iced coffee (that I think only Ayla and I had, so I felt kind bad) probably because we go there like once a week. While at dinner, Juan (never heard his name here before, huh?) mentioned video games…and we all know I’m game for games anytime, no pun intended. Or, was there? So we went to crea mall, he tried out taiko, guitar freaks, beat mania and pop ‘n music. And we played the arcade version of Silent Hill. And by played I mean OWNED. After that, we stopped by Modi and I bought some drum stick from the music store. I hope they’re heavy enough for taiko. I wanted smaller sticks so I don’t get tired as easily and can play faster songs. But If they’re too light, the sensors may not pick them up >< we’ll see. He headed home to get his camera, and I went back to campus to meet up with Keishya. Eventually we ended up with Nash, Tomoki, Keishya, and Brad, and a couple of us played tetris and puyopuyo together. Tons of fun. Around 7 we headed to dinner and met up with everyone at 8, got alcohol, and headed to KARAOKE. Which is funny, because the 3 people I met on Wednesday who were like “we have to practice our skits. Go Friday night!” didn’t even come. But we had such AWESOME people there tonight! A list: Ayla, Keishya, Nash, Tomoki, Yuuta, Juan, Sean, Brad, Erich, and Peter. Eventually, we also had Alexis, Annie, Alex, and Dan. It would be nice if Yuuta were just SLIGHTLY less attractive…I’m just sayin’. So anyway, we had sooo much fun. Nash and Tomoki sang Kobukuro. WAAAAHHHH!!! After our 2 hours were up, and we couldn’t extend, we went out to pay. While out there, I met another student from my school, who called me ‘fashionable’ and I almost died of embarrassment. Not something I’m exactly used to hearing, but it felt nice :) I tried today :P He was cute though. They asked me where I lived, and they said it was close (yeah, one station…) and then said I should skip last train and hang out with them tonight. Oh, the temptation. One of them is freakin HOT too. I don’t think he remembers my name, but I totally remember his from the FIRST DAY of orientation. But ya know, if an unmentionable someone had said the same thing, I would have agreed, no hesitation. MOVING ON! After deciding we didn’t sing enough (seriously, kid, marry me) a small group of us moved into another room. I sang some BoC (Katie, Yuuta LOVES boc, you guys would get along) with Yuuta, some Yamapi with Keisha, some Enrique with Juan, and everyone enjoyed some BSB!!! But the last hour ended early when we had to leave to catch last train. It STILL wasn’t enough. Yuuta leaves for China on Sunday, so a couple of us are meeting for MORE karaoke tomorrow for 2-3 hours before the festival. It was just a good day. Besides some creepy guys sitting in a car on a one way street with the inside light on and one OBVIOUSLY taking a picture of me with his phone, creepers…it was an AWESOME day.

Enjoy some photos, yo!

Nash fanning me off. :P
As many people as I could get in the shot >_<

Can't remember the song, but it made everyone dance. Maybe 'Graceland'??

She is GONE!

Nash singing KOBUKURO...to ME! haha

Me and Juan

Pimpin' dem hoes

Nash and Dan: BANZA~I! \^o^/

Silent Hill - Juan

Silent Hill - Me...obviously

Yuuta and Tomoki!

Sean and Alex rockin READY STEADY GO! (larc)

Mine and Keishya's frisky pose :P


Stemcell said...

I don't recall you mentioning Juan before... but my memory sucks ^_^;
And what was the Silent Hill game like? (I can't really imagine it as an arcade game)

Dana said...

I'm glad you're having fun, and I miss you like whoa!

Little <3