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Small updated from yesterday (as I post this, from Saturday). So, a bunch of JSP peoples met up for a day in Tokyo. The original plan was to go to Shinjuku, which we did, but inevitably ended up in Harajuku which was like 4 minutes away. In Shinjuku, we made it as far as a discount store (where I bought Leo something nice, from one of MY favorite designers. He’s not big into fashion, but it’ll look nice on him I think, and he should be able to get some use out of it) which carried some awesome Vivienne stuffs, that I didn’t buy, haha. After that, we hit up the Hello Kitty gift shop. They had sooo much Kuromi stuff, but I limited myself to a phone charm, and my first vending machine toy…h. Naoto Kitty! HAHA! From there, we had an awesome Korean lunch, full of laughs.

Tomoki, my PA, is pretty much the cutest thing ever. He’s timid (which is funny, because he doesn’t like shy girls) but pretty much everything that comes out of his mouth is so funny. After lunch, we met up with some other people who wanted to go to Harajuku, and umm…went to Harajuku. While trying to avoid the scary black people who lurk there, I ducked behind the alley leading me to Takuya Angel’s store again, with some hope that my persistence would once again pay off, and it SO did. IT WAS OPEN! Not only was it open, but TAKUYA WAS THERE! And I got a picture with him! AND I BOUGHT THE BAG I’VE BEEN STARING AT FOR 3 YEARS! AND I MET TAKUYA! AND A PICTURE! AND A BAG! Oh, and some gloves for winter of course.


I’m so ready for this freezing cold Japanese people talk about. I’m tired of this heat. Everyday, I’m ready for bed by 8, but force myself to stay awake until 9. After that, we hit up a couple more small stores, and the mall I mentioned before.
h. Naoto Shop

But as Sean said, everything starts to look the same after a while. He said Takuya’s store was the thing he was most excited about just because it was the crazy type of fashion he had been wanting to see since coming to Japan. He even got a picture with some of Takuya’s new cyber gear, lol.

Oh, and I must remember to copy some of mucc’s music for him. He said that if he likes it, he may go to the concert with me in couple months. Otherwise *sigh* I’ll have to go alone. And believe you me, I WILL! There’s no way I’m spending 10 months in Japan and NOT seeing mucc on a stage at LEAST once. While in Harajuku, we were about to cross the street when a small parade started coming down the street...with TAIKOS! And this dude I took a picture of walked up like, RIGHT next to me. Too exciting.

So after completing our shopping escapades in Condomania, we went to a pasta restaurant for dinner in Harajuku, and then headed home. Some dude was watching a B’z concert on his ipod – probably preparing for the new album release on the 17th – which prompted me to bust out my own to listen to some B’z. It was a pretty fun train ride home. Over all, it was probably one of my best days here in Japan so far. I spent it with 2 really great people. And even though they have their own intertwined past, coming from the same school and all, they made me feel like we had known each other for a fairly long time. Minus this crappy cold that won’t go away, I feel my morale has been lifted just a bit, and I think this week will be better. For now, I have Japanese homework I must do, golf I must watch, and then I think we’re going to dinner with another one of my host sisters, 1 I have not yet met.

That's me with a boob stress ball...yup...

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Isa-bell said...

So that boob stress ball is hilarious, lol. And that taiko drummer guy is hot, lol. I went to San Fran Monday to today on business and walking around I have never seen so many Asians! Some were really hot and I thought of you, lol. I was only an ocean away from you! As opposed to the ocean and country, lol. Miss ya girl glad you are shopping and having fun! <3